Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hi everyone

We have not said very much recently due to the amount of work we are doing. We have had so much work on that we have all been doing long days to get all the work done. I am not complaining as all work is good.

Well most work is good!

The exception was last week when I was repairing a customer’s toilet. The tank had blockage and the macerator pump kept pressurising the system! I was looking at it in the 3ft by 3ft compartment when it exploded. I shall spare you the details.

One word of warning, recently we are had a problem with oil or diesel polluting the canal. We think that it has come from an oily bilge, possibly being emptied in to the canal via an automatic bilge pump. This can cause damage to newly blacked boats. Have a look at the picture of the boat with the blacking stripped off around the waterline.

Last weekend we turned our historic 200 year old dry dock in to a theatre. I will post in a couple of days to report on how it went.

Ok bye for now

Matt A

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