Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hello again,
Not posted for a while, mainly due to being rather busy at the boatyard, but also partly to do with getting married!
Just wanted to let you know about a new service we are offering both at the yard and on-site, ever wondered what is lurking in the bottom of your fuel tank? Well now you can both find out, and more importantly remove it. The fuel pick up from your tank should not take fuel from the very bottom, this is to allow water (which sinks in diesel) and solids to form a layer, some tanks have a drain off to allow you to get the crud (polite technical term) out, however most don't.
Enter the Tooley's mobile fuel polishing system, (Fanfare and roll of drums at this point) using a battery powered pump, we collect the dirty diesel from the tank with a rigid lance, separate out the crud and return it to the tank, in effect hoovering the tank and polishing the diesel. The filters will remove anything bigger than 30 microns and all water, we then drain this off and present it back to you as a sample! The technology is certainly not new, it has been in use in the Marine industry and plant applications for many years, however I think we may be the first narrowboat yard offering this service. The circulating fuel acts as an agitator and will loosen and lift particles off the bottom and sides of the tank so we do recommend a fuel filter change at the same time and indeed anyone booking a fuel polish can take advantage of a discounted engine service at the same time. One of the main benefits however is to have an interesting table decoration to amuse and amaze Friends and Family!

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